What We Do

As business owners, we value simplicity and connectivity.  We know how to keep things simple, even in seemingly complex business environments, and we freely share our wide professional networks to ensure you are connected with the best people to support your business.

We believe simplicity is a golden rule for you, your business, your people and, most importantly, your customers.  Everyone will thank you – and your business will grow.

Hunter Powell Investment Partners can assist you to develop and breathe life into your vision.  We will work with you to take those critical first steps towards accelerated growth – which may be in a completely different direction to that in which you are travelling if your business is to grow and reach the goals and personal aspirations you have in mind.

We provide SME business owners and not-for-profit organisations with practical advice, at strategic and operational level, which may include capital solutions: re-financing to create greater capital efficiencies or strengthen your balance sheet, capital raising, structured asset & floor-plan financing, project financing, and even assistance with transactional banking relationships.

We have worked successfully in leveraged business environments since the 1997 and are experienced in creating capital efficiencies thorough leveraged debt which, if managed in a disciplined manner, can enable accelerated growth.   We are however not advocates of debt leverage that strains your business, your people and your relationship with the bank.  There are numerous examples of good New Zealand and Australian businesses burdened by too much debt.  If your business model and cash flows can support some leverage, we will share our experience and work with you to establish sensible leveraging as a mechanism for growth.

Access to leveraged debt can only be achieved through a strong relationship with the bank. We have long-term and credible relationships with a number of banks. As a Hunter Powell Investments Partner client you will benefit from our established networks.

Specifically, you will have direct access to a highly skilled and pragmatic multi-disciplined team who know how to accelerate growth by combining the strategic positioning of your business with the tactical disciplines of finance, sales & marketing, organizational development (OD), and general management.

In some cases Private Equity (PE) may be suggested as a component of growth financing.  While we can offer direct investment options, we also have a wide network of New Zealand and International Private Equity firms from which to drawn additional resources should this be necessary.

Our network also extends to Government agencies.  We will work with you to develop the most effective processes in which to engage with Government agencies as it may positively affect your business outcomes nationally and in overseas markets.

So, in essence, we help SME business owners and not-for profit leaders grow sustainable and valuable enterprises.  Our role is to provide you with practical advice that works then assist you to navigate the challenges that invariably comes with growth.